Pittsburgh -- Acquiring Cablecards for Tivo

I'm about to get installed in a few days.  Now, I'm a bit disappointed that verizon would not allow me to order Cablecards for my Tivos for my initial install, but I know in Pittsburgh there is a Verizon Store over in the Bakery Square area that does pick ups and drop offs of equipment.  Has anyone ever attempted to obtain a cablecard through this location?  My plan entails letting the installer set up the equipment that was sent and then as soon as he leaves, unhooking the boxes and taking them in and exchanging them for the cable cards.  I'm really looking to not having any downtime with my Tivos since I do use them to record lots of stuff.

Re: Pittsburgh -- Acquiring Cablecards for Tivo
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My understanding is that you can order cable cards but have to order at least 1 STB.

Maybe try that.

Then just return the unused box.

You can't always walk in to a store and pick up equipment.

Some require you to have an order to do it.