Pixelating channels
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For a couple months I've been experiencing pixelating on four New York HD channels, each of which is a duplicate of a Philly channel. It happens on all three set top boxes.

Other channels are fine, including the same Philly ones (NBC, Fox, and so on). So this is not much of a problem (unless one likes New York local news), but it makes me wonder if FIOS is throttling NY channels when Philly ones also are available. 

I went through a tedious chat experience with a tech who reset all the boxes and nothing changed. 

Re: Pixelating channels
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Verizon doesn’t throttle any channels. If you are experiencing pixelation then you have a bad RF signal. This can be due to a number of reasons from the ONT, cabling, splitters, or the box itself. 
Since all three TVs are doing it it most likely is the ONT. You should schedule a tech visit to take a look. Rebooting the boxes and/ONT will not do anything if you have a bad RF signal.