Pixelation onDemand and on some other HD channels
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I have had 3 technicians here now and have had 3 different opinions. I purchased a new router and the first technician replaced the splitter.  The second technician replaced the inside box in the basement and put on a booster for the signal.  After that did not fix the issue, the STB/DVR was replaced. The last technician did not recognize the "booster" the previous technician put in and accusatorily told me "this is not Verizon equipment!" This last technician "tested" my coaxial cables in the walls and claimed they were shorting. To remedy this "opinion" I would have to hire an electrician to replace all the cables in the walls.  I find this to be a bit unbelieveable. I pay over $200/month for my services and expect to have a PERFECT picture all the time. Any suggestions? Everything has been reset numerous times, everything unplugged and replugged so that is not a solution! I am beyond annoyed!

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Does it happen on all stbs?

Its possible that one or more cables are bad.

FiOS service does not cover in house wiring unless you are paying extra for home wiring coverage.

What model stbs do you have?

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Originally Fios was great, they are no like all other cable prividers and keep claiming their picture is great when it is over compressed and Low Definition!  They will try and blame it on everything including the weather .. Tech told me on rainy days you have problems.  The problem is we are stuipd for paying $200 a month for low quality video and poor incompetent service..  Not sure what the cure is but if I have to watch low def and pay for high deff, I will switch to Direct tv and save a lot of money