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I called in a few weeks ago about pixelization, got hung up and never got a call back. Been out of town came back and still have multiple issues, just like last year at this time.

Some of the USA family of channels are showing a lot of pixelization . Syfy and USA. Talked to some useless tech a week ago that hung up on me. I have done the normal resets, he even resetted the ONT, no change. Rebooted the STB's.

Also on some of the DVR recordings, we are seeing stuttering and slow playback playing a video from the upstairs dvr downstairs and vice versa.

There are several people that I have talked to about this in my area, and we are all having the same issue and tech support on the phone ignores us. I'm tired of calling in, and at this point in time, my service has issues and no one from VzB is stepping up to correct the issue. The fix for this last year was replacing the ONT, does it have to deal with the summer heat?

Re: Pixelization
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I just started experiencing pixelation issue with a handful of random HD channels. After being on the phone with support and resetting literally every device in my house and swapping out coax cables and splitters. I finally unscrewed the part of the ONT that said craft access, unplugged the fiber cable and plugged it back in. After that ALL my pixelation issues went away, and the picture actually looks better than before. You will need a small socket to get it open. Verizon probably doesnt want customers doing this since fiber cable can be delicate, but if they just said to do this from the start i would've saved myself 4 hours of time.

Re: Pixelization
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Nobody can help you. Don't expect it to be perfect all the time.