Pixilation on all sets. Tech help said the solved it and "made sure it wouldn't happen again.

startedStarted having major pixilation and sound interruptions today on all sets in the house.  Finally got tach help on line.....they rebooted set and said they had fixed it and it wouldn't happen again.  Even said "trust me".   Pixilation was gone for about 15 mins and its back just as ad as before.   Guess its time to go back to D-TV.  This is the poorest customer service ever.   A before I call Direct is there anyone who has resolved this issue.  Let me add its not he cables.   Thanks. 

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that type of a problem is only one of a few things.  It's either the Main ONT so try to Reset it

If it's not the main ONT, then it will either be the Main Coax cable that comes out of that ONT, or the Splitter that it is attached to. 

So Try unhooking that cable, and rehooking it back in nice and snug, don't trust that it is in there tight. simply do it, also do so at the splitter.  

Also splitters can go bad so it may either be just a faulty splitter or faulty main cable, and if it's easy enough to replace, then do that if reseating and rebooting the ONT does not resolve the issue.  

If you don't feel comfortable with the cables or replacing, and the reboot of the ONT and rehooking doesn't work, then Call Verizon, and let them do their troubleshooting, but possibly ask for a Field Tech if the above steps do not resolve your issue.  They do have sophisticated testing equipment, so it's possible to resolve from their end, but may need a tech.  

Also DTV is famous for putting amplifers on their Coax run's, so if you notice any amplifiers or impeders then remove them.   that also might cause the issue you are having.