Please Stop Spamming Your Paying Customers
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I understand that making money is far more important to Verizon than pleasing your loyal paying customers, but could you please FIRE the employees who keep inventing new ways to **bleep** us off and waste our time?

Specifically you have invented 3 ways of driving your customers toward pay content that are in fact getting in the way of using our DVR/STB's as they are meant to be used.

1.) When I press the Info button in the DVR menu, one would assume I wanted more information on the program I am looking at. But Verizon takes this opportunity to take me to a pay movie in the On Demand menu. Now I have to exit the On Demand menu, go back into the DVR and find the program I was just looking at. Thanks Verizon.

2.) On occasion when you open the On Demand menu and press any navigation button, you get a pop-up asking if you're interested in seeing the details of a special purchasing offer. You have to press a total of 3 buttons to dismiss. Then the very next time you open the On Demand menu, the same pop-up pops again, because apparently it has no memory of the last 50 times you dismissed it. Thank you Verizon.

3.) This is an old one that still irritates the hell outta me. The FiOS TV button used to always take you to Live TV. Now if you accidentally push it while it is Live TV, it takes you to the My FiOS TV page. Does anyone actually use this page? NO! But now you have to press the exit button to get out of it. Thanks Verizon.

You would think that selecting the Menu option to Disable Promotional Notifications would disable these three annoyances. But that would make too much sense.

You have had errors, glitches and illogical issues with your DVR/STB's forever. You never fix them or show any interest in fixing them. But it seems that every time you can figure out a new way to squeeze an extra dime out of us...... GRRRRR!

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there are several places to turn things off.

Under Settings Notifications, disable both Promotions and Guide Banner

What model STB do you have?

I have VMS/IPC and I don't see any of the issues you are seeing.

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Hey CRobGauth,

Equipment: DVR 7232 2; STB 2500-3

I have the following settings under notifications:

Menu > Settings > Notifications > Popup Alerts > Enable Options > Never show me again

Menu > Settings > Notifications > Recommendations > Turn Off

Menu > Settings > Notifications > Promotions > Disable

Menu > Settings > Notifications > Guide Banners > Disable


Now for more details of how to find the issues I'm referring to (pics included):

1.) Press DVR. Look at the top of the screen. Is there an advertisement banner there? Now thumb through your recorded programs. Is the banner still there? Highlight a recorded show. Press the Info button. Did it take you to an On Demand movie, or did it give you the information to the show you had highlighted?

Sometimes there is an advertisement banner at the top of the screen. Sometimes it is black, but still acts like the banner is there when you press the Info button. Sometimes it is black and pressing the Info button gives you information for the recorded program you are highlighting with your cursor.


2.) Press On Demand button. Press any arrow key (navigation key). When Verizon has a promotion, a small window pops-up at the top of the screen. You then have to press the left arrow and OK button to Dismiss the pop-up before you can continue.

Press Exit. Press On Demand again. Press an arrow key and the pop-up window appears again. Despite dismissing it the first time, it always comes back till the promotion ends.


3.) Any time you are not watching live television (e.g., watching an On Demand program, or a DVR show, etc.), pressing the FiOS TV button takes you back to live television. But when you are watching live television, the button takes you to the My FiOS TV page. There is a setting that prevents this page from displaying by default when you turn the box on. But there is no setting to keep it from popping up when you press the FiOS TV button and are already watching live television. Why would you push it while watching live television? To make sure you are, in fact, caught up and watching live television.



And as I am writing all this, I'm trying to watch On Demand programs. But each time the program times out, it forgets where I was, and I have to start over again, and it has fast forward disabled. You know, the problem that they fixed years ago, but it still happens randomly. And when it happens on programs that can't be FF'd, or skipped, or chaptered, and you have to play it in real time till it catches up to where you left off, making you want to pull your hair out and throw the box out the window. Yeah! Thanks Verizon.

I would run through the long list of errors, glitches, and annoyances that have been a part of Verizon systems since I became a customer some 13 years ago. But Verizon has no system that allows this information to get to its software engineers to ever get fixed. They have the attitude of "Here it is! Take it or leave us." So I come here and rant every so often.