Please fix issue where shows get recorded even after being cancelled
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I'm not sure if I posted this before here or if it was on a message board.  I also don't know if 1.9 fixes this issue, but it's a pain in the neck.  I record all episodes of Seinfeld every night and if there is one that I have recently seen, I delete it from the schedule, but it records anyway.  No one at customer service has heard of this problem, but people on message boards have.  Apparently, the dvr doesn't refresh itself and after you cancel an upcoming showing, it sees it as something that is supposed to be recorded and thinks it is doing the right thing and re-schedules it to be recorded.  Seinfeld is just one example, this happens with all shows that I have set to record.  Does 1.9 address this?  Thanks

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Sorry to hear that your having this scheduling problem. It shouldn't be doing that and a reprograming of the box should correct it. I have sent you a private message on this issue.