Please stop the wrong guide listings!

Twice now I have wanted to DVR Disney's the Jungle Book on Discovery Family as the description says it is the 1967 Disney animated adaptation, however it is the new live action version that was made in the 90's. Ok, not that big a deal, I know, but it is annoying when you DVR it for your 5 year old and then sit down to watch a movie that is completely different from what you thought you recorded. Wouldn't be so annoying if this was the first time it has happened. This seems to be a trend with Fios. Please fix your terrible service that I am over paying for. (only for the next 8 months until my contract is up and I switch back to Time Warner).

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You are talking to peers here.  Only Verizon admins are here, and this doesn't sound like something they would do something about.

The guide info comes from a third party company.  A couple of years ago two ago Verizon switched from a smaller company  such provider (FYI) to the one used by most DVR's for such info (Tribune Media Services).  This service merged with Gracenote and renamed itself Gracenote.  Although Verizon has an interest in getting it corrected. you would do better talking to the actual channel provider e.g. DIsney or to Gracenote. is part of TMS(GRACENOTE) and should show the same program info.

Such errors are sometimes due to the channel provider (Disney, etc) and sometime to the service (Gracenote).  Very rarely is it your TV service (Verizon).