Poor Picture Quality - DVR and some local sports channels

Oh great FIOS forum people,

We switched to the FIOS Media Server a few months back and have been continually disappointed in the quality.  When we watch a DVR'ed show, the playback is jerky (at times) and just not high quality - worse than it was with the other technology.  We also are experiencing the same picture issues with our local sports channels (MASN in the Wash DC area).  I know in the past when they had signal issues on some of the local channels that they could do something to correct it.  It happens on all my boxes.  It is NOT on all the channels.  I have talked to tech support (via chat) and just get no answers.  This new IP media server is supposed to be the way of the future for FIOS - not happy with the future.  Can anyone help or maybe I can get a technically savvy FIOS tech support person to help me fix this? 

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Community Leader

Is it only if you watch those channels when recorded?

Or does it happen at all times?

If at all times, have you checked cable connections?

Start at ONT and verify all cable connections are tight up to the VMS.