Poor or no video signal

I've been having this intermittent issue for several months.  Poor video quality, unavailable channels, etc.  Called Verizon and went through the whole deal on the phone (reset the box, unplug the box, reset ont, check coax, etc). Nothing worked, so we scheduled a tech.  He came out and found nothing wrong. This was early December. Now a couple of weeks ago our box failed. Verizon sent out a new box, installed the box and now the issue is more pronounced than ever.  Half the channels don't work and I now get the message "we have detected an issue with poor or no video signal on your set top box."  

Any ideas?

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I dont know what the technician checked for, but I suspect its a problem with loose wiring or loose connectors.

I had a similar problem once when ugrading the Quantum. They sent me new boxes, all I have to do is unhook the old equipment, hook up the new stuff, and it should work. Instead I got intermittant poor signal, messages there are no signal, and it is trying to reconnect in 2-3 minutes, and the box then reboots. Sometimes it reconnects, sometimes not,

Let me say I use to buy coax cables, cut and crimp my own connectors to hook up my TVs to cable boxes. I knew that whenever I move the TV sets, the connectors at the end of the cable gets loose, I lose signal, so I often have to recut and recrimp the wires. Thus I tightened all the cables, recrimp all the connections, screwed the ones at the connectors tight and the problem went away.

I did call Verizon, and they sent a technician. I explained that I already fixed the problem. But I told him he should tighten up all the wire connections while he is there. So he cut off all the connectors at the end of the coax cables, replaced them with all new ones, and recrimped them tight just to be sure.

If this doesnt work, likely you have weak signal coming to the house, which the technican should already checked for.