Poor service, have to reset all set top boxes and router daily - thinking of dropping FIOS entirely

Having issues, cannot find contact information to resolve -

On the internet side, Actiontec router will be difficult to access, bridging to second unit, and have turned off wireless on actiontec. Helps, but most effective action is putting actiontec on a timer that cuts power at 4 am, turns it back on at 5.

This is 3rd router in 6 years, and cannot find tech support numbers on this...but I still get offers for Quantum upgrades.

I'm also getting offers from Optimum, and seriously considering.

TV issues are worse - each evening, I use the "tool" to reset all the boxes while having dinner.  That reduces (but does not eliminate) freezing when playing from multiroom dvr in kitchen to TV in living room.

Extremely frustrating.  As I mentioned, this website is absurdly difficult to use to contact Verizon, and I think the biggest issue is I keep paying my bill.

Out of contract, renewal offers are poor, so I have no particular reason to keep this.

Any advice on how to get Verizon's attention?

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You will need to speak to someone in the support department.  Please visit our Support page for a variety of ways to contact Verizon, including “Ask Verizon,” our virtual chat agent, and customer support phone numbers.

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Same problem here for the last month.  This week, added Showtime on Wednesday.  Channles still hdn't appeared today,  Now free HBO is gone as well as about half the channels in my two channel packs that were working on Tuesday.  Multiple settop box reboots do nothing.  Of course with the strike I can't get any help without staying on a phone for hours.

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Hi Revolver323,

Were you able to get this resolved through Verizon Support?