Poor tech service: A lack of follow-up or follow-through
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I may have initially posted this in the wrong spot (internet) so I'm re-posting it where someone from Verizon TV Tech might see it.

As the subject states, this is a tale of poor service and a lack of follow-up or follow-through. 

I chatted with Service on Thursday because I have a very pixelated picture on almost every channel.  They tried the typical stuff to no avail so they set me up with Service on Saturday May 28th (no time slot - Any time between 8AM and 9PM).

I get automated text messages and calls asking if I want to cancel but no one shows up or even calls to say they aren't coming! I called them at about 9:00PM and they said the NJ office was closed but someone might still show up. No one comes. No one calls.

I called Sunday (29th) morning and spoke to someone named Alvin (I think) from Texas.  He said he was able to reschedule it for today. He said I had '4 appointments before mine' and he was betting on someone would be here by 3EST. 

I get another automated message asking if I wanted to cancel but the issue is still happening but 4:30 rolls around and no one is here, so I call.  The lady that I spoke to says I'm NOT scheduled for service today and the earliest they can reschedule is Tuesday or Wednesday!!  Why did I get another automated message asking me if I wanted to cancel if I'm not scheduled for service? Why didn't anyone call me to say they weren't coming, even if it was based on the Satueday ticket?  Should I take off of work on Tuesday so they can just NOT show up again? Not a chance!

I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said' they're all supervisors' (which makes zero sense) so I said I wanted to speak to who ever manages the supervisors. Instead, she said that she would contact the NJ office and have someone call me back because she was in PA.

Whatever. I'm so **bleep**. I have little confidence they will call or resolve this to my satasfaction.

I never had these types of service problems with Optimum. I'm starting to regret switching.