Power Button on FIOS Remote Control(S) stopped working

The power button on all of my remotes stopped working.  It wasn't just on 1 TV, it is all 4.  I cannot turn any DVR or TV on from the FIOS remote.  It drives me crazy, especially when I try to turn the TV off in bed!

They were all working over a month ago and I just started realizing that it was happening every time with all the remotes/dvr/TV's in the past month.

Please help.....anybody else running into this issue?  Did a firmware update screw something up?Do they even do firmware upgrades that could screw up a remote?  I could understand the DVR/Remote issue but why wouldn't it work Remote/TV?  The volume control to the TV works with the FIOS remote, just not the power button.


It is a silly problem but it is driving me crazy now that I took notice of it.....


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well there are no updates that can be done that will affect the remotes ability to control your tv so it is weird that it would be on all your remotes.

I'd start with one and try to factory reset your remote, and then reprogram it for your tv again.

To reset your remote...

Press and hold STB

While holding STB press OK

Release both buttons and the lights on the remote will blink at you

Type in    9-0-0

The STB light will blink again.

You are now factory reset. The remote should fully control the STB but not the TV at this point.

Then follow the instructions here .....


to reprogram the remote to the TV.