Problem recording NEW shows on DVR

Everything seems to be working fine with my service except when I want to record shows that are in the off season or brand new shows.  Case and point, on one occasion when I first got the service, I tried to record "Greenleaf" for my wife.  It wasn't visible.  But shows that were pending could be seen.  Once I record a show, it gets recorded then on just fine.  Another example, a few weeks ago, Toonami announced that Dr. Stone was coming on at 12 on Saturday.  I immediately tried to find it and could not.  I took a chance and recorded the show in that time slot and it worked.  I then set a new recording to record all the future shows of Dr. Stone.  Anyone figure out a way around this issue?  With Xfinity, I could record anything I wanted.  If the show was not in season or it was a new show advertised, I could find and record no problem.  

Re: Problem recording NEW shows on DVR
Community Leader
Community Leader

Are the shows listed in the guide as new?

If not, make sure your recordings are set for both first run and repeats.