Problems programming p265 v3 remote to Element ELDTW422

I have a Element ELDTW422 and it will not program to my Verizon Fios P265 v3 remote.  

When trying to program using the Fios remote, the code provided (110) does not work.  When I do the steps to program the remote for lost or incorrect codes the TV will eventually respond (the remote is trying 1 code per second) but the TV turns off and then immediately turns back on, when you try to step back the codes using the channel down button to get back to whatever you were on, nothing seems to work.  

I don’t have any idea what the issue is, maybe it is with the TV but I wanted to see if this was a common problem.  Are there alternate codes to use with that remote? Do you know if I am doing something wrong based on the off and then immediately on response that the TV has?