Problems with FIOS One

Just recieved my FIOS One upgrade. Router, Media Client and 4 Mini STB's.  5 coax cables, 5 HDMI cables, 5 RCA type component audio / video cables?????? and 1 mini to RCA adapter!!!!! Why would Verizon send 5 component video cables when only the Media Client has a RCA component output jack???? The Mini STB's only have a mini A/V connector (head phone type jack). If a subscriber needed RCA cables wouldn't the subsciber already have them??? But now the subscriber has nothing to plug them into because Verizon did not send enough mini to RCA adapters!!!!!! Customer service told me they can only send out one additional and that I could purchase them at any retailer. Thats not the point.  I think the 5 component cables they sent me are worth more in copper scrap then it would cost verizon to send out the adapters instead. The adapters are much cheaper and are much less shipping weight then the componet cables!!!! Customer service said why would I need them if I have HDMI cables. You would need them if you had audio recievers or amps (home theater) or anything that did not have HDMI inputs on them. Wireless headphones that have to be hooked up by RCA cables!!! There are still pleanty of devices in use that do not have HDMI inputs on them!!!!!!! Poor planning on verizons part. Other the that the service seems much better.