Problems with Parental Controls
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Does anyone else experience the following problem with Parental Controls?  Often times, after entering the parental control code for the FiOS STB, the desired channel will not display any video or play any audio.  I've tried all sorts of things to resolve this, but the only solution I have found is to change channels, change back to the desired channel and reenter the parental control code.  And before you ask, yes I am certain that I am entering the code correctly each time.  As you can imagine this is a major nuisance.

I have QIP-7216 with IMG1.7 - 9.83

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Hey I saw your message with parental controls, Did you trying unplugging the power cord from the STB for 10 secs then plug it back and let the STB reset.  Please let me know if this works or not.

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There's an easier way to reboot the STB with IMG 1.7 rather than pulling power.  Under MENU => HELP => IN HOME AGENT has an STB reset selection.