Problems with SD recording on HD-DVR streaming to an SD STB
Contributor - Level 2
I often record in SD so I can play back on an SD TV connected to a 2500 STB. I've seen two problems. 1). Sometimes after a 30 second skip, instead of continuing, the playback goes in fast forward, and I can do nothing to stop it, except exit. (the pause, stop,skip back etc do nothing). This seems to be fairly frequent when I do several skips to get past a commercial break (and yes, I wait for the each 'skip' to stop before going forward again. I have set skip to 30 seconds. It happens enough, and is enough of a pain to recover from that I don't use skip very often. 2). I also have the unit go into fast forward for no obvious reason (i.e. there was no command). This seems to be content related. I had one recording where it did it at the same spot every time, and when when it happened, the only thing that worked was to turn off the STB. The first problem seems to have gotten worse since going to 1.6, and I never saw the 'random runaway' under 1.5.