Program Line Up Change With No Notice

A year ago I entered into a new contract with Verizon for the Preferred HD package with an agreed price and agreed channels. I was given Showtime for a year for free.

Of course, when the year was up, Verizon began charging me for the Showtime channels. I called and asked them to remove it and remove the charges.

Wouldn't you know it, my entire line up of channels changed. If 2 parties agree to a "contract" who the hell is Verizon to change it whenever they want with no notice? Of course, I can't get out of the contract without paying an early termination fee.

That's OK, I've been with Verizon for about 12 years (TV and cell service).

I'll pay the early termination fees for Fios and the wireless service for 3 phones and go elsewhere. Fios failed to honor their agreement to provide the agreed upon channels for what I'm paying for.


Re: Program Line Up Change With No Notice
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Community Leader

Verizon's contract (like that of others as I understand) allows them to add and delete channels as they see fit.

Did the name of your package change? May need to check bills to see if it did.