Promotional Sound Bar Missing

Last week I cut the cable cord and went with Verizon as I'm saving almost $300 a month.  Two days later I went into Verizon to collect on the promotion for $300 off a sound bar.  After waiting 20 minutes to speak with someone, we were notified that this had to be done online only.  Okay, so we tried it.  When you click on the promotion, then click on the agree to terms and conditions, it wants you to select the sound bar below only NOTHING IS THERE.  The store manager tried it, same thing.  He called customer service for us and after being transferred three times and over 1 hour on the phone not resolved.  The person I spoke with had to put in a ticket that would take 5-7 business days to fix.  Totally unacceptable.  If this is happening to us, it's got to be happening to others as well.  My guess is it was designed this way as no sane person would spend as much time on this as I did and they would just give up.  This review in no way is a reflection on all the individuals at the store or the phone, this is on Verizon, period.  

Screams of promotional fraud

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