QAM Channel Assignments Keep Changing

I have a line of my FIOS split off to a QAM TV tuner that's attached to my PC.  I'm using Windows Media Center to record QAM channels, and using the Media Center channel guide for the QAM channels.  However, it seems that Verizon keeps changing the channel assignments for the QAM channels.  It seems to involve the CBS assignment.

Last week the channel that was assigned to CBS changed to something else, and therefore the CBS shows that I had set to record were not recorded, recording instead whatever was on the reassigned channel.  So I ran the Windows Media Center TV setup again, to have it re-assign the QAM channels, and it seemed to work, displaying live CBS content on the channel suppsedly assigned to CBS.  However, this week it looks like they changed the assignment again, after I did that, and the channel actually recorded was Universal Sports instead of CBS.  So I had to go and re-run the TV setup to get the new channel assignments.

What gives, Verizon?

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We are in the middle of deployment of our 1.9 interactive menu guide software for our set top boxes and apologize if changes needed to made are causing an inconvenience.