QIP 2500 STB shuts off when accessing VOD

My QIP 2500 STB shuts down when you try to play any On Demand selection. You hit play and then the unit powers off flashes some codes on the display of the box itself, not the tv screen, and then powers back up. The codes go by so fast I haven't been able to write them down. It was happening the day of the install, but the tech put an amplifier on the line to try and boost signal for two troublesome outlets up stairs and then it was able to play VOD.  Any one with any experiences like this?

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Yeah it happens... it is likely a bum box... If you wanna try some stuff on your own

try simply unpluging the power from the box for a minute or so...

If need be, unplug the power to the box, unscrew the COAX from the box to the wall, and check the pin in the middle to make sure it is not bent or broken... Do the same at the wall jack, if applicable... If all is well, plug it all back up, turn it on and test it out

If need be, reset the router with a paperclip or pen in the reset hole on the back of the router for 15 seconds, reboot the STB and try again.

If all else fails, contact Tech support at 1 888 553 1555