Quality of CC and Guide on Fios TV One

I just switched from Dish Network Hopper to Fios TV One and

1- The Closed Caption (CC) fonts are horrible. They look like analog fonts designed for a 1960 15inch TV. They just don’t work for a 70 inch digital TV.

2- The Guide looks horrible and again feels like it was designed for a small analog TV and not a modern 4K TV. Furthermore, the way they display the guide and the program description is very confusing. They should copy what Dish Network has. It is much better and more intuitive.

I don’t know who designed the menu, guide, CC, and UI for Verizon or who the VP responsible for it is but they should be fired along with the design team. Verizon should hire a competent design team that understands human behavior and customer experience and roll out a better UI.

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Community Leader

Go to menu, Settings, Audio and Video, Video Settings,  Graphic Settings, make sure HD is chosen. Should look very good. Captions look horrible, probably an SD overlay and aside from changing color and style nothing you can do about it.