Quantum (Enhanced) DVR lost all programming, showed 100% full. Second time. VZ fix erased storage
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Symptoms: Programming stopped recording because DVR was full.

Recorded shows showed no programming had been recorded (so you couldn't erase anything to make free space).

The majority of programming was 'save until space needed', so there should have been ways to recover space.

VZ website showed my DVR was -2147483648% full, so I'm assuming a buffer overflow caused negative signing, and that it was a software error (not a hardware error).

In theory, they are sending a new box. I say in theory for the same reason I'm angry:

Why am I angry, beyond this being the second time I've lost all programming?

I'm angry because my tech support representative explicitly told me I would not be losing programming as part of the fix action, and after their actions reset my storage to 0% and I escalated to a supervisor, said supervisor said they were checking the log of the chat, I summarized what I want, and then that "supervisor" disconnected the chat.

It also appears they may have deprovisioned my additional tuners (something the supervisor was in theory checking before they disconnected me).

Verizon, you listening? I'm avoiding specifics to keep your forum rules from shutting me off from posting, but I will be glad to give the chat ID and even the full log. I know they have my phone number. I had to verify it twice. But here we are and they have not called, which only reinforces that the disconnect was not accidental. Hardware replacement? if necessary, so be it. But what is going on with tech support?

Three words leap to mind.

Unacceptable. Unprofessional. Rude.

Edit: 14:08 they called back. Good.

Known software issue. Bad

"Being fixed". Good. No ETA on new firmware, but "New firmware could come out within a couple of weeks". 

Would not give a firmware version# that would contain this fix.

Not, in theory, a hardware problem, so they will not be sending a new box.

Chat was "accidentally" disconnected on their end.

In theory, my provisioning has not changed. I'll definitely be looking at what is covered by Quantum enhanced TV, because I'm getting prompts I didn't use to, and part of the fix appeared to be completely reprovisioning the DVR from scratch.

No answer on why the tech had no warning or foreknowledge of the upcoming content erase as part of the fix, which is at LEAST odd if the problem is truly a 'known' issue, and they actually escalated as they claimed to the 'back end group'.

Still angry, but so it goes. Better than it was a half hour ago. If they didn't insist on encrypting the content (which is a likely place to lose it, if the encryption key changes during their reprovision/full reset), I could at least try to off-load and save my programming BEFORE they tried wiping it. But no.

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I called tech support last night for assistance with me DVR and the representative did a reset and several of my shows were deleted. Also before the reset my DVR showed 88% capacity and after the reset it showed a hundred percent. Obviously something is wrong with the reset capabilities. Also my original reason for calling was never resolved. It seems there resets hurt more than they help.
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The reason for encryption is so that people can't move it off.

Yes I know TIVO can do it, but they don't have the direct contracts with the content providers like FIOS does.