Quantum FAIL

Its pretty clear I think that the VP in charge of the Quantum program rollout has been promoted past his level of incompetence. How this hardware was approved for a roll out as big as Quantum is unfathomable. If I were Cablevision I wouldn't even hire this guy.

What really has me perplexed though is how bad the programming interface is. I mean this isn't brain surgery and there really isn't much to it. New equipment can be a gamble but the programming interface is a pretty safe bet. All you need to do is use it yourself. Anyone who did would have to be immediately frustrated by it, or I guess they would have to be an idiot.

After the crappy hardware wiped out all of my scheduled series recordings, I was tasked with rebuilding this list from memory. I was worried I wouldn't remember everything until I was stopped dead in my tracks because many of the shows can't be set up yet. Unless the show is on the schedule, I can't create a recording for it? Really? Now if there is a way to do it I welcome the help, but the fact that I would even need help to figure this out showcases my point.