Quantum TV Audio Channel Routing Problem

Hello all,

I've changed my service from regular FIOS HD TV to Quantum TV service. Quantum TV is a new service, so there are some problems. But I crossed a unique "audio issue", so I want to share with you. It might be useful for the people who subscribe any "International Channels."

Verizon "Quantum TV" is multi-room/device TV playback service. But not all the channels you can see on your family room TV. It is only selected channels on your Wifi based devices. You can not see "Internationa Channels" on live. I am subscribing "TV-Japan" channel 1769 & 1770.

Although, either domestic or internationals, once you recorded, you can see anything. Another way to say it, if you don't have to see the program on "live", you can see any program including "International Channels" on your iPad, iPhone, or any tablets/smartphones at anywhere in US territory. That was the exactly the reason I upgraded my service to Quantum TV. I wanted to watch Japanese news where ever I go. Now, I am watching recorded Japanese TV at my office or hotels. Beautiful, I love it!

However, there is an audio problem. Not quality of the sound. It's a complicated routing issue happening somewhere.

Okay, some countries, there available for "Second Audio Channel." For example, in Japan, you can select "Main or Sub" audio channel by your hand remote (not all programs. only News and selected programs). The main channels for native Japanese language, and sub channel English language. US TV services don't have this option. We have only one stereo audio channel available.

When I watch daily operation "News at 7", "News at 9" on my Android tablet or iPhone, the audio is in English, means automatically selected on the 2nd audio channel somewhere. But here is the crazy part. If you watch the same program on my real TV at my living room, it speaks in Japanese!

I'd like to hear native Japanese channel all the time, and it should be that way.

FIOS tech people, please fix this issue.

All the best,

Re: Quantum TV Audio Channel Routing Problem
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Community Leader

Couple of things:

1) This is a peer to peer support forum. Verizon doesn't monitor these posts.

2) Which channels that are available via the FIOS Mobile APP are governed by contracts with the content providers. It is highly possible that these channels do not want to allow it to be streamed outside the home.

3) Have you checked to see if these channels have either a website or app that allows streaming for cable subscribers? That may be a solution.