Quantum TV new media client problem

So let me start by giving some info about my set up. For my whole house I have right now 2 servers and 5 clients. I have a main 6 way splitter (not all are being used) and one of the coax lines coming out of this splitter goes into a MoCA Bypass Amplifier before continuing to a 2-way splitter with 1 line going straight to a client and the other line continuing to the other side of the house to a 4-way splitter where it serves 3 clients and 1 server.

That 4 way splitter originally served just 2 clients and 1 server but recently we added another client to it and it is this new client that has had some problems. Right away it connected to the 2nd floor server which it shares that splitter with but for some reason it cannot communicate with the 1st floor server which is connected to the main splitter. The new client and 1st floor server can see each other but it seems like they just cannot communicate.

The 3 other boxes on that 4 way splitter can access the 1st floor server without any problems so I don't think the splitter is an issue nor do I think signal strength is an issue considering all boxes on that splitter, including the new client, have all channels and services working. My best guess is just that the 1st floor server is not playing nice with the new client. I have moved the new client to a different connection as well as rebooted all cable boxes to see if things get in order but the problem persists.

It is not a big issue because the 2nd floor server is handling the new client just fine but it just has me curious as to why the 1st floor server is not behaving (if that server is in fact the problem). Perhaps some of you can suggest a way to make my new client and my 1st floor server get in tune with each other. Thanks.