Quantum router + 3 TV splitter setup

I have an old home with several runs of coax that I want to optimize/clean up.  What is the recommended splitter setup for a Quantum router plus 4 TVs? I currently have a cable from the ONT coming in to an unbalanced 3 way splitter with 3.5db leg going to the router. One of the 7db legs goes directly to a media client. The other 7db leg goes to a splitter which feeds the VMS plus 2 more media clients.  

I don't think this is optimal as I am splitting a 7db leg further down the line....any suggestions? Should I feed the router with a 7db leg from the ONT instead of 3.5db? Confused.....

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Community Leader

A lot depends on cable length and type.

I would put the shortest cable on a 7db leg and make sure the longest is on the 3.5 db side.

that assumes all cable types are the same.

if it is not rg6, I would try and replace any that you can with it.