QuantumTV picture freezes

There are lots of posts about Memory issues but I think this is different.  It happens on the TV with the Main DVR when the Client STB pauses a live show.  It's happened several times. I"m hoping there's a setting on one of the two boxes but I'm not holding out hope.  Anyone have any thoughts?

I really liked the FIOS before i upgraded to Quantum TV Enhanced Service.  Now, just like others, the remotes (both main and STB) are slow to react, even from the very beginning when the boxes were first installed.  Strange things happen, like I can't seem to keep the Closed Caption turned on. (it is set to CC1 but does't display the CC, most of the time, or when I record something using the guide, the guide didn't have the icon indicating the program would be recorded (also doesn't happen all the time).  

Mostly, I really miss the ability to tell when a program is first aired, or what episode it is (S1, E3).  When you binge watch from regular recording, it is nice to have.  

Ugh... I'm beginning to regret upgrading... AND paying for more the extra pain.  It feels like the enhanced service is three steps behind the "unenhanced" version.  Like they started coding from branch over a year ago on this new service, but didn't keep up with the improvements made on teh original branch.  

Anyone know the penalty for returning to the old equipment.. probably another "non-negotiable upgrade fee"?

Re: QuantumTV picture freezes

I feel your pain. This Quantum service is abysmal. Customer service isn't any better.