Question about Espn college basketball game plan

I ordered this a while ago and, until recently, everything had been fine.  I am currently unable to access the programing at all now.  My account is current, so that 's not the issue.  I had ordered the entire season package, but it's just not working now.  I can access the purchase page via my remote and it says it's ordered, but it just doesn't show the channel, just the splash page.  Has anyone else had this problem with any Verizon PPV services?  And if so, did you find a work around?

Re: Question about Espn college basketball game plan
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Hi MBCoppedge,

I'm sorry for the trouble that you are having with ESPN Gameplan.  This is something that we will need your account information for so that we can assist.  Please fill out the secure form that I have sent you in the PM, and please message me back once that is complete so I can look into the issue for you.