Questions regarding upgrade from Double to Triple Play

Currently we have FiOS 25/25 and Land Line, no TV (not available at the time). From my ONT I have Ethernet, not COAX.

I am considering taking the Triple Play offer I received in the mail (50/25 FiOS, land line, PLUS TV and multi-room DVR).

I understand I need to use the Verizon-supplied router for television, but it's not been used in years. If I upgrade then I will need to run COAX to this router to use with the DVR? True? Is it too old? And COAX to the DVR?

Thanks for any help in understanding this.

Re: Questions regarding upgrade from Double to Triple Play

I don't know if you will need to run coax from the ONT to the Router, but you will need to run Coax from the router to the DVR. Much of the DVR functionality requires an internet connection (Video on demand, software upgrades, authorization, channel guide, multi-room DVR). The DVR gets its internet connection over Coax using MOCA, so somewhere you need to provide MOCA service, and the Verizon supplied Router provides the MOCA bridge.

The usually result is most people just run Coax from the ONT to a splitter, and then connect the router and Set Top Boxes via Coax to the splitter. Verizon usually does this on installation. If you want to use your own splitter, be careful. MOCA puts the Internet service at frequencies well above those used by Cable TV, so you need a splitter rated to at least 1000MHz, most of the commercial splitters are designed for use on cable TV systems, and are limited to ~800MHz.