RAI Italia still broadcasting in SD
Hello Verizon Programming management, Over a year ago, I signed up with Verizon because you marketed a company that was best in class in terms of delivery high quality picture and content. Well, when I joined over a year ago, I was very surprised to find out that you were still carrying the "RAI Italia" channel 1790 in Standard Definition, when the HD 1080P signal has been available for nearly 2 years at that time. I called this morning because I learned that Fubo TV (your competitor) is carrying the channel in HD for only $7.99 USD a month. that's a bargain compared to a $16.99 a month charge in SD that Verzion Charges!!! When I spoke to representative this morning, he was in the process of escalating me to a manager to speak about why it is taking Verizon such a long time to offer RAI Italia in HD. My experience on this phone call is that I was hung up on several times and called back till I finally was forward to a prompt asking me to rate his service which I rated as 1 - "Extremely Poor". If there was a "0" option I would have selected that one. This is my first post and I will continue to post on social media, until I get a call from Verizon explaining simply why the HD option for RAI Italia is not available. Who ever is in charge feel free to contact me.