Random playing of Extra on my DVR.

This has happened twice to me on my multi room DVR.  Both instances below
1.  I turn on my TV and put on Channel 4, instead of seeing local news a 6am I am watching EXTRA.  I thought this was a programming error on NBC so i switched the channel.
2.  I'm watching Channel 4 then switch to another channel.  When I go back to Channel four Extra is playing, not Jay Leno...mind you this was at 10:34 at night...and the guide said Jay Leno and I was just watching the middle of his show. 
I put two and two together and realized something funky was going on with my box.  I tried hitting stop, but that did nothing.  My DVR was not playing anything, but yet it was playing EXTRA.  I finally resolved the issue by unplugging my box and turning it back on. 

Oh one other note.  I don't record extra on my DVR, never have, so not sure why this is randomly playing back extra on both instances..
Verizon...any ideas to what is going on?  You pushing EXTRA on us?