Receiver remote control programming issue
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Trying to program our harman/kardon receiver on our vzn remote. tried all the codes vzn provided online. a few codes work in that the receiver shuts off after code is accepted. however, try to power receiver back on and it won't turn on. tv & cable box are still on when we do this. anyone know how to fix it so receiver goes back on using one of the vzn codes??


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Re: Receiver remote control programming issue
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Have not figured it out myself. I have a Yamaha receiver and I can get the Fios remote to work for the volume and I can get it to shut the power of receiver off, but it will not turn the power on. I have to use the seperate receiver remote to turn it on, then I can use the fios remote to change the volume.
Re: Receiver remote control programming issue

Harman Kardon use separate on and off codes for their receivers.  This is why the HK original remote has an On and an Off button.  I have my reciever set up to turn the receiver on but not turn off. The only way to get this to work is to program the amp as 2 devices, one as on and one as off, assuming that you have a DVD then you don't have enough options to do this on the supplied remote.