Recycle Advertisements
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Has anyone gotten bombarded with "I Want To Be Recycled" advertisements?

I'm talking brain washing style advertising that will show this advertisement up to 7 times in a row on every channel you watch. What was even more weird, it seems to happen more on DVRs rather than just regular boxes. Get this, I just watched 6 ads run in a row non-stop. My wife had the same channel on in the bedroom and she was seeing Netflix commercial and didn't see the Recycle ad. Has something mischievious happened here? Because these commercials are driving me nuts. I'm retired and this ad plays constantly all day. I've sent them the info they need to track it and it has been weeks and nothing has changed. Verizon must fix this!

I'm ready to complain to the FCC. If anyone has some intel on this, please share.

I've contacted the organization and they said this is not what they want to convey and are not doing it like that.

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