Red Zone Quality INFERIOR

I had DirecTV Sunday Ticket and Red Zone for years, and was thrilled when it finally became available anywhere else, especially a more reliable provider like Verizon. So I switched to Verizon FiOS TV this year, upgrading my internet speed at the same time.

Well, the first 3 weeks I couldn't watch NFL network's TNF because there was an HD outage every Thursday night. A technician eventually came out and said I had a loose connection between my STB and the main unit. Ok, one problem fixed.

Next problem... the video quality is nowhere near as good as DTV's was. We used to be able to make out the names on every player's jersey even while in motion, but on Verizon we can't even read them when standing still. But at least the players have numbers. Still, it's not the quality I'd come to expect from the NFL Network or its Red Zone Channel. It's almost as if the compression algorith Verizon uses has reduced the 1080 quality to 720, or even lower maybe. This should be improved for live sports broadcasts, imho. It may be just fine for watching talking heads on news programs, but it's irritating when trying to watch live sports and instant replays.

And here's the REAL quality issue... the Red Zone is not the same production quality as DirecTV's Red Zone Channel. They hardly ever go to split screen when they should, when multiple games are in the red zone at once. They often show punts or extra points when another game is in a more exciting scoring position. And, worst of all, they'll delay showing a score that's already been reported on every other source (fantasy scoring, live broadcast, or other sports news) and when they finally do show it, they PRETEND IT'S LIVE, even a full minuter or more after it's happened. LIARS!

To sum it up, it's as if I'm watching a high school play about how the Red Zone is supposed to work. It is NOT the same Red Zone that DirecTV used to show. I wonder if the quality has been intentionally reduced, at least temporarily, so as to compete less with DirecTV's version of the same, or if Verizon is really just that bad at  buying and delivering the same programming others deliver.

I hope this is improved before the agreement is up, especially the video compression quality, or I might have to look into other options again.

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You need to complain to NFL network for content issues.

Verizon just carries this channel just like any other.