Regional Only access to the Online FIOS TV Central features?
Enthusiast - Level 1

Ive been trying to get set up on the FIOS TV Central web site in order to be able to access my FIOS STBs but have had no luck. Here is what is happening:

I have an online account to access my bill, make payments, change service, etc etc. here in Portland, Oregon.  The Verizon web address for this region seems to be - not sure.  When I go to the FIOS TV Central web site its address is - when I try to login to this site it keeps taking me back to my www22 site only allowing me to do the account management features previously listed. It completely takes me out of the FIOS TV Central web site.  Is this a different sign-up or something?  This is all very confusing and Im shocked that Verizon can't seem to make their web interfaces for this stuff easier to understand and use.  Is the online DVR access only available in certain regions or everywhere? What am I doing wrong?