Regional Sports Network fee $7.89, Fios TV Broadcast fee is $6.49

I went to go renew my parents plan, and now the Fios TV Broadcast fee is now $6.49, up from $4.49, Regional Sports fee is still $7.89

So even if you pick up a package without the regional sports fee, they are still getting you by raising the Fios TV Broadcast fee, this company doesnt make any sense, i understand they are trying to make up margins for the increase of cord cutters, but this will just increase the downward spiral.

Its always better to be upfront with your prices, then deceitful below the line items that verizon is doing

This is such a short sighted management tactic, instead of increasing your customer base, they are just going to increase cord cutting which in affect will keep increasing these fees

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Complain to your local broadcast channels about why they charge too much?

Verizon (like most other cable companies) are passing along the costs they are given (can't say if they are adding margin).

The only thing you can ask is why they are not offering a package that a package that does not include locals.

But the FCC requires cable companies to provide access to locals if they request (but have to do so for free).
And there are FCC requirements that cable companies provide a package that just has locals for a low price.


I noticed your post at DSL Reports and it is based on greed however like was stated on the other forum cable does the same thing. It is not because of the channel providers since those costs are included in your base tv platform.

verizon and others place surcharges and other charges on your bill to increase their revenues. In my state since they cannot tax internet they put a bogus NYS Municipal Construction Surcharge to move telephone poles which the PSC denied this tarriff on copper telephone but verizon put it on fiber optics which was not under the Public Service Commission and it went from .99¢ a month to $2.49 each month. And they don’t even move poles all over the state and give no dedicated line to have it done while getting millions of dollars for something they dont do. 

Today companies will try any trick in the book to garner more revenue its a consumer beware for most everything.