Remote Control Issue

All of a sudden, my remote control is working poorly. It controls my tv just fine, but it's not doing a good job controlling the guide. It went from being able to change a channel or use any of the features when it was pointed in basically any direction in the room to now only being able to work properly some of the time when it's less than 3 inches away from the STB. When the STB does respond to the remote, it seems like the buttons are getting stuck - it scrolls through screens in the guide very quickly. I've replaced the batteries. I'm not sure what else to do.

Re: Remote Control Issue
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Call Verizon and request a replacement of your remote and tell them your remote  is not working properly.

You have already replaced the batteries so that is not the issue .

It should take 1-2 days to receive.  They are generally very prompt.

Hope this solves your problem with remote.

Re: Remote Control Issue
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box delay problems

i have the same problem and i don't think it's your remote but the communication and speed of the guide itself..  the link above is an entire topic on this (my posts are page 8 to 10)..