Remote DVR not functioning
Enthusiast - Level 2
I enabled the remote dvr feature a couple of weeks ago. Whenever I try to access the dvr from the web page it tries to retrieve information and I eventually get a message 'set top box not responding'. The web page has the correct unit address and the router and dvr show the same IP address. The router has a different name for the dvr, IP-STB1, then appears on the web page. The DVR itself works fine.
Re: Remote DVR not functioning
Specialist - Level 1

Try rebooting the router and the STB. Unplug both units for about 30 seconds. Then plug them back in starting with the router. This will force reloads. You may have to re-initialize the remote dvr service from the STB. If that doesn't work you will probably have to call tech support and have them reload/re-activate the remote feature.