Remote Stopped Working

I have a strange problem. My remote suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason.

Some back story: I've lived in another home previously where we had FIOS tv for over a year, so I know all about how the remote and STB work. I never had any problems there. A week ago I moved to a new place, and had FIOS installed here. New STB, new remote, etc. Today I was browsing through On Demand programs when the menu suddenly stopped responding to my key presses. I've had the on demand menu lock up for a bit before, so i assumed that was the problem and I waited. It never moved. So i pressed the arrows a few more times... still nothing. Next I hit the power... nothing happened. So I got up and hit the power on the box and the box shut off immediately. I try to turn it back on with the remote and nothing happens. The light on the remote come on, but there is no response from the box OR the tv which is set to power on and off together. When i press the power button on the box it comes right on, and I can use the buttons on the front to change channels, etc. The remote, however, is totally unresponsive. I even changed the batteries, and reset the remot by holding STB and pressing ok, then typing 977. It's like the infared transmitter stopped working.

Anyone else have this problem? Do I need a new remote?

Re: Remote Stopped Working

I am a new FiOS customer (1 week).  I have two STBs (one DVR and one non-DVR) and two remotes (black with the green button).  Both of my remotes have suddenly stopped working on my non-DVR STB but they both still work on my DVR STB.  I tried resetting the non-DVR STB by unplugging the power, waiting 15 seconds, and plugging it back in.  The DVR started up but the remotes still don't work.  I also tried resetting the remote to no avail.  I can still control the broken DVR via the buttons on the front but the remotes don't work.


Re: Remote Stopped Working
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I apologize for your experiences. I want some more information from you, Star-- Which models of set top boxes are in your home? I assume 2500 and 7216...

Which pieces of equipment do the remotes Not work from? First it is explained that the Non-DVR STB doesn't work with the remotes, but then it is advised that the DVR box is having trouble with the remotes.