Remote Support for DVR Not Connected to TV
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Due to a remodeling project, we moved our family room MRDVR downstairs connected to an outlet, but not to a TV.  We see the recorded prgrams on the MRDVR from our other DVR, BUT for some reason the moved MRDVR stopped recroding altogether.

When I did an online chat with Verizon, the Verizon support person said that they could solve the problem by sending remote commands, but that this would reuie that the MRDVR be connected to a TV.  Thus, she saif that she could not help me.

This struck me as weid.  As long as the DVR is connected to the coax network, why should it matter if it is not connected to a TV?  Was she correct? 

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probably wasn't correct, but you can send the same commands by logging in at and selecting Quick Fix for Set Top Boxes