Remotes used with Motorola set top boxes


It may be just because of the use our remotes receive, but it seems to me we experience a very high failure rate (over a short period of time) of the various keys on the remote.

Our problem is that after anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, the keys slowly stop working. The problem usually begins with the volume key, then slowly spreads.

As I understand the construction of a remote, there is a magnetic film between the key and its contact. This film wearing away is the cause of the problem. I know there is a repair kit out there, but that really is not the route I would like to take. I have more than enough other things to fix already.

Verizon has replaced them without question, but it is still incredibly annoying. Especially since my wife is handicapped and has difficulty operating a remote at the best of times.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? We have tried some of the aftermarket remotes (i.e.. those really large ones), but she seems to prefer the smaller size. If you have had similar experiences, were you able to find a solution and what was it?