Removing a premium channel
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How do I remove a premium channel from my bundle without having to call FIOS CS and wait forever?

Tried 'change services, change bundle, unchecked Showtime. Nothing works. Thanks in advance. 

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Community Leader

Pretty much have to call.  although occassionally some have reported other ways work. 

But normally I have gotten through fairly fast, both in NY and FL (sadly now Frontier).  Make sure you only call during "business hours Monday to Friday".


I think I just did it.... We'll see. 

I went to services, then TV then "channels" then I could see that HBO was checked, but I couldn't uncheck it.  However at the bottom of the page, there was another HBO (along with all the other premium channels) that I could uncheck.  I did that and then 'placed order" which was for a negative dollar amount.  Got a receeipt saying the channel would be removed on the next billing cycle.