Request to add Sur Peru channel to the DC area.
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The Peruvian Spanish speaking community in the Washington DC area, who have moved to your outstanding Fios TV Services,    are missing a great network we all like.  Would you consider to add the SUR PERU TV channel to our market in the Washington DC area?  You will make our day! 



Re: Request to add Sur Peru channel to the DC area.
Re: Request to add Sur Peru channel to the DC area.
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Well said alejozurdo. Verizon needs to add peruvian content to their spanish package not only for people in the washington dc area but for everyone who has their spanish package throughout the country. It is a motivating factor for spanish speaking people as to who they will have as their tv provider whether someone has canal sur peru and peru magico. If you google "fios sur peru" or "fios peru magico" you will see that a lot of people have gone online to see whether verizon has sur peru or peru magico before they choose a tv provider. The demographics of the country have changed where a company has to provide people with the things that they are asking for and if they do not someone else will. Verizon just sent out a huge press release where they boasted about how they are the number 1 tv provider in america of spanish programming which is odd since their content in the spanish package sure does not reflect the diversity of the spanish speaking community. Verizon has canal sur but that is not enough for people who want peruvian programming as there are only a few shows there. When comcast, cablevision, time warner and other tv providers were offered both canal sur along with canal sur peru they all jumped at the opportunity to add them because they know how huge a market/audience there is for peruvian content.