Returning box due to moving and newer box has changed packages

I had verizon for almost a year now and it was going very well. Then I ended up moving and they made me return my older box for the newer modell and not only that they changed the packages so now I was all messed up at that point. The newer package took my bill up for about $100 to about $125 a month thats before taxes I was already **bleep** about that. But wait there more thats not even the big thing that **bleep** me off with this company! The never boxes there were soo many problems that I could not even watch 2 minutes of a tv show without the volume going completely out. I told verizon about this I tried 3 different boxes and still nothing. and then going to send these 2 female techs to come look at it and they had no idea what they were doing like they just started the day before and was calling someone every 2 minutes because they were confused. As of today I cancelled my verizon and went to xfinity I rather pay an extra 9 dollars with them than stick with this company. OOh yeah and the other thing is a billing agent told me to call them after the tech came to get a credit on my account and I do just that and the girl is completely confused and thinks Im kidding and not even looking at the notes on my account she was the person to put me right over the edge and made me disconnect my service. I will never recommend verizon fios to any of my friends forget that!