SAP(secondary audio programming) on Unimas doesn't work for MLS on Friday.
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I've gotten nowhere with Verizon chat and phone support on this issue for multiple weeks. MLS has a deal with Unimas to show Friday night games in Spanish, with SAP available for the English language programming. This is advertised to work with all major cable companies, and does in my area (directv, time warner, etc). Verizon does not serve this SAP on this channel. 

I've been on numerous calls where I had someone explain how to enable SAP, that maybe there was a firmware update to my set top box, that it's the broadcaster's fault, and any other excuse they could muster. 

I'm just wondering if other people have contacted Verizon about this problem, and what runaround they were given? Is Verizon able to look at programming problems and address them, or is it a closed system where technical knowledge is lacking?

If time warner can broadcast SAP for this programming, what's stopping Verizon? Seems like my concerns just fall on deaf ears.