[SOLVED] Cablecard Status - Card Validation: none
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Greetings.  I have been using my cablecard for over a year now, and it works fine with the standard TV lineup.  BUT, when Verizon offers Premium Channels for free for small periods of time, I am unable to get them.  I have contacted support in the past, and have been informed that the reason is because my cablecard is not validated.  I have asked repeatedly for the support technician to validate my card, but they have not been able to.

Can someone direct me to the correct group so that I can get my cablecard validated?

Card Authenticationsuccess
Card OOB Locksuccess
Card Validationnone


I called the activation hotline again (1.888.897.7499).  The technicial had me read back the following information:

 CableCARD ID , Host ID , Data 

Once the technician re-entered the information, the Card Validation status changed to "success".

Thanks Verizon!

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