SOLVED: Media Manager "Device Unavailable"
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I'm sure this is an easy fix but through searches here and elsewhere I haven't found anything.

I can access media manager both on my PC and the STB.  When I access it on the STB, I can see the folders, videos, pictures, songs, etc. When I go to play one (including the samples) it times out after a few seconds and says 'device unavailable'.  Once I refresh, I can see the folders and files again.  If I select one, the same thing happens.

I've added all the Verizon programs to the firewall, but for some reason they just won't play.

I'm running Vista and Norton Internet Security with Smart Firewall.  Any ideas?


UPDATE: Uh, I'm one fry short of a Happy Meal.

                  All I had to do was move the computer closer to the router. It's wireless and couldn't stream. It works perfectly now.

Re: SOLVED: Media Manager "Device Unavailable"
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Good for you. By sharing your experience here, you may help someone with the same problem.

Re: SOLVED: Media Manager "Device Unavailable"

that's a good fix, just remember that if it's a distance issue, you might be able to take advantage of a wireless N upgrade (extends your in home wireless network)   it can be cheap, and has the TRENDnet TEW-637AP 300Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader on sale for $27.99 with free budget shipping!

might be a good upgrade,  your current verizon router does 54Mbps (perfectly fine for outside internet connection but if you need faster in the house, then this upgrade would be for you.)