STB acting sluggish
Enthusiast - Level 1

Now my HD STB is acting weird. Turns on ok w/ the remote, but sometimes I need to rehit the pads to get an action, like channel change etc. batteries are fine, unobstructed view etc etc. When I go to Video on Demans menu, it really freezes up. have tried two other remotes - same thing with this box. I can do the functions on the box buttons fine and screen reacts as it should. I tried the remote with my other two boxes and they work fine, so I know it is not the remote.

I just had the whole FiOS thing installed last Friday with just one HD STB w/DVR at that time. No problem GREAT stuff. On Monday I went and picked up two new HD STB and self installed. One of these is no problem at all with screen and menu. Just one of them is. I tried the power unplug of the STB, and of the router etc all per the Support tips on the VZ site. I lciked on the STB reset thing on the site too but no dice. Can or should the box be re-initialized by VZ remotely or what?

Thanks for any help or tips you may have.